Population & Settlement

 Theme 1: Population and settlement

1.1 Population dynamics

• Describe the growth of the world’s population and associated problems and show an understanding of the causes and consequences of over-population and under-population.

• Identify and suggest reasons for contrasting patterns of population growth (or decline) as influenced by migration, birth rate and death rate, especially the impact of HIV/AIDS.

• Describe the consequences (benefits and problems) of different patterns of population growth.

• Identify and suggest reasons for different types of population structure as shown by age/sex pyramids.

• Describe the factors influencing the density and distribution of population and population migration.

1.2 Settlement

• Describe and explain the factors influencing the size,development and function of urban and rural settlements and their spheres of influence.

• Describe and give reasons for the characteristics of land-use zones of urban areas in less economically developed countries (LEDCs) and more economically developed countries (MEDCs).

• Describe the problems of urban areas in LEDCs and MEDCs, their causes and possible solutions.

• Describe the impact on the environment resulting from urbanisation and possible solutions to reduce this impact.

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good coasts resources for IGCSE and KS3

Posted by cliff davies on February 14, 2015 at 9:13 0 Comments

Found this site 


Excellent resources for coastal protection and erosion, full of worksheets and case studies of UK coasts


Exam dates for May 2015

Posted by Jo Foster on June 3, 2014 at 15:00 3 Comments

The dates for May 2015 have been provisionally published, with Paper 1 on Tuesday 5th May and Paper 2 on Friday 8th May. IGCSE English is also on May 5th. This will give a week's less teaching than 2014 and for many schools the day before (May 4th) will be a holiday. The Exams Officer at my school is writing to CIE to voice our concerns, as it is very early.

Quality of map used for Paper 22 13/05/14

Posted by Jo Foster on May 14, 2014 at 16:00 1 Comment

Quite of a few of my students commented on the poor quality of the Zimbabwe map used - the key shows smooth rock as being the palest of grey yet on the map it is much darker. Other features on the right hand side of the key were equally pale. Did we just get a poor batch?


Posted by Alex C G Cooper on January 31, 2014 at 14:30 0 Comments

I have add some SETTLEMENTS, POPULATION and NATURAL ENVIRONMENTS fact sheets for the CASE STUDIES we used with the pupils to my website geocoops.com. - they might be of some use.

However some of the case studies are based around the city of  Nottingham in the UK.

Here is the LINK



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2016 Exam Dates

Started by Adam Cooke Jun 24. 0 Replies

Hi,Is anyone aware of provisional 2016 UK exam dates for the iGCSE Geography course?ThanksContinue

Changes to the syllabus / textbooks?

Started by Sarah Hack. Last reply by Matt Podbury Jan 27. 23 Replies

Hi AllIn view of the changes to the IGCSE for examination in June 2016, does anyone know if the current stock of textbooks is going to be updated to show these changes? In particular, thinking about…Continue

ks3 oxford geog 2 disc

Started by cliff davies Jan 18. 0 Replies

Not an IGCSE question but does anyone have a copy of the old geog 2 disc. Have broken it and since got a new laptop and do not have copies of some of the assessments and worksheets. Will pay postage…Continue

Schemes of work

Started by Laila Fletcher. Last reply by cliff davies Jan 18. 2 Replies

Here is a contribution - I teach Population and Tectonics to Year 10 in Term 1. I use the Complete Geography for Cambridge IGCSE (Oxford) textbook. I can't take credit for all ideas and activities,…Continue

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